Thursday, 3 June 2010

C2-5K: Wk1 - Dy2 (Holy Shin Splints!)

Distance: 2.2 mi
Time: 0:40:32
Pace: 18.3 min/mi
Calories: 194

As planned I took a different route for day 2 -- hoping for less of an incline. I ended up walking the 5 minute warm up for twice as long so I could start the first run on level pavement. Little did I know that the second half of the run would be spent almost entirely uphill.

This time I started to get slightly winded by the 4th interval and I even gave myself permission to walk out any of the runs in case I felt like I was overdoing it. I managed to get to the 6th and thought I may be getting a cramp again, but instead of stopping the run entirely, I slowed the jog down and pulled through. By the time the podcast announced the 8th and final run, I was back on an incline but refused to give up.

I finished the cool down and still had 5 minutes remaining until I was home, but I have to admit it felt nice to continue walking with a nice cool breeze blowing towards me.

Hey day 3...bring it!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

C25K: Wk1-Dy1 (Let's Try This Again)

I found a Weight Watchers application for my Android and was a bit over-ambitious thinking I would post a food diary each day until I realised that is a bit too much dedication now that I have a 5 1/2 month old to look after. So, I scrapped that pretty quickly and I will leave it up to the app to keep track. Still, although I wasn't planning on re-joining WW just yet, I will try to follow a points-based-plan for now. In addition to that, I have created an account on MyFitnessPal and I'm tracking my jogging routes through another Droid app called JogTracker. It's pretty fantastic because it immediately uploads your route to the website and keeps a history. This will be nice because I can make notes about certain routes that I like or don't like.

Distance: 1.6 mi
Time: 0:30:01
Pace: 19.2 min/mi
Calories: 144

Here's the route from today. I'm not a big fan of the incline either way back from the park, so I will try a different route next time. The route itself was 1.6 miles and it took me 30 minutes to complete the podcast including the cool down.

I feel I did pretty well for it being my first time in over a year doing anything more strenuous than just walking. In fact, if it wasn't for developing a nasty cramp in the middle of the 6th interval, I wouldn't have had to walk out the 7th. Better to listen to my body, I suppose, than risk an injury or end up ringing hubby to come pick my sorry butt up. Still, I managed to get back on track for the 8th and final interval and was already back home by the time the 5 minute cool down came on. It must have looked funny to anyone watching from inside the front room to see me walking circles on the patio for five minutes!

I'm already feeling the burn a bit tonight in my knees and ankles, so I will be sure to stretch a bit more before the next run.

AM Weigh-In (Start): 13 st 10.2 lb

Monday, 31 May 2010

Jogging Jaffa Cake - The Redux

It has been a long, long hiatus, but I have decided to make a comeback with the C25K. My little man is 5 1/2 months old now and I've decided no time is better than now to get back in the game. Starting the 1st of June I am on a mission!

It's weird because since my post where I mentioned the root canal, I have moved three times AND had my little man in December. Now that we're settled in our new place (and unlikely to move again for at least a couple years) I want to get back to work on fixing me.

I gained about 30-35 lbs with my pregnancy and through breastfeeding I lost 20-25 lbs of that the first month following. So that means roughly 10 lbs until I am my pre-pregnancy weight. I want to try to get to that point on my own before re-joining WW.

I said before it wouldn't be an easy journey and that I would do it as long as it, here's to sticking with it as best I can and hopefully 2010 will be my year.