Friday, 20 February 2009

** S C R E E C H I N G hault **

So, my whole fitness thing came to a screeching hault beginning with when I got "the lurg"...then there was all the friggin snow and DH didn't feel it would be very safe for me to break an ankle slipping on the icy/snowy pavement. JUST when I thought I'd be good-to-go to start again, I get a NASTY toothache, which turns out requiring a root canal this past Monday.


I lost 2 lbs. at my most recent weigh-in and although I get my crown fitted next Monday, I want to aim for starting the Couch to 5K again...possibly off the bat with Week 2 again.

On another healthy note, if you will check day 143 of my 'Meg in the UK' blog, you will see I have mapped out my meals (essentially) for the week, so I won't risk eating more points than I am allowed.

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