Friday, 16 January 2009

C2-5K: Wk 1 - Dy 2

Today was super busy and I didn't think I would even wind up doing my run. I had a long day at school and was exhausted when I returned home. I didn't make it out until after 6pm, but I did make it through all eight runs without cutting them short.

I have actually found a new motivation. I found that if I could distract myself enough to forget that I was running, I could get through each 60-second run without having to trim time off the end. The way I did this was by focusing on something ahead of me, like a street sign or lamp post. Then, as I would run I would tell myself that I couldn't stop until I reached that point. It actually worked pretty well.

My next run will be Sunday or Monday. I haven't decided if I could be bothered to get out of bed early on a Sunday to do it so we will see. I am also hoping to start the week 2 podcast this week as well. I think after I complete the second week's run I won't feel as sore in my muscles.

Until then...

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