Wednesday, 21 January 2009

C2-5K: Wk1 - Dy 3

Week one is now complete!!

I didn't have as difficult of a time doing this run. I still made my mini-goals of focusing on making it to a landmark in the distance, but I didn't find myself out of breath as I usually was.

My route was a bit different than usual because I had my weigh-in tonight at 6:30. I didn't actually make it out the door to start until 5:50 and the program is about 30 minutes, which is including the 5-minute warm-up and 5-minute cool-down. In fact, the cool-down was nearing its completion when I was literally walking through the front door.

Immediately after getting back, I had to rush upstairs to change out of my wet clothes as it rained for most of the run. I then grabbed my weigh-in booklet and DH so kindly drove me to my meeting. I discovered I gained 1/2 lb. due to my own negligence. I didn't journal and track like I should have and instead I made excuses to eat more than I should have. I should be better about it this next week.

Still, I felt good about the successful running. I'm a bit poorly this week with congestion, but all being well I will start week 2 shortly.

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